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welcome to TOOLKIT phase 2

Continued development of a Web-based framework for the Sustainability Toolkit, currently in use by Tavares for consultation with partner companies. The Toolkit allows companies to establish, measure and maintain sustainability program(s) within their organizations.

TOOLKIT phase 2 team

  • Christopher  Robins

    Christopher Robins

    Back-end Developer

    Interactive Media Specialist


  • Asha  Ramji

    Asha Ramji

    2D animation and front-end developer

    Interactive Media Design


  • Serena 

    Serena Teng

    Designer and front-end Developer

    Interactive Media Design


"It was a great experience working on projects with real clients, as well as a great way to learn new things."

Serena Teng [Front-End developer]

Planning and design of the ‘suite’ of data visualizations tools for Tavares clients; ensuring that informational ‘best practices’ are followed in data analysis, summary and presentation, and that the summary measures and visualizations accurately reflect the needs of client users. Creation of dynamic pages/views for essential content summaries and lists, including generation of report pages to summarize activity within individual sustainability criteria / metrics, specific activities broken down by personnel / timelines, an overall sorted timeline of activity within a company, and other essential reporting features identified in consultation with Tavares and their company partners. Design and coding for additional ‘base’ framework elements, such as: A multi-level login and registration system, with appropriate encryption and authorization components. The ability to add and edit customized metrics within all criteria; The coding required to provide a suite of interactive visualizations, and the integration of those elements within the Toolkit framework and UI. A ‘self-help’ and user guidance layer that will include readily available pop-up hints and suggestions at critical steps, as well as more traditional standalone documentation; Additional data validation and sanitization for form inputs throughout the Toolkit system. Design, development and coding of content management forms and views to allow for ‘master’ administration by Tavares Group Consulting of the overall content available to individual partner companies, e.g., the ability to modify the content of the pop-up help system, the ability to add new ‘suites’ of visualization modules and enable them for individual company clients. Alpha and Beta Testing of the existing Toolkit framework, data input and organization strategies and visualization modules. This process typically involves both the detection and correction of bugs and other software errors, the design and development of refined controls and UI in instances where intended/possible actions are not clear or errors are common across testers, as well as ‘content’ analysis of reports and visualizations to ensure that they are clear, informative and relevant to Tavares Group Consulting and their clients. Begin to investigate the technologies and workflows required to allow for data collected through the Web Sustainability Toolkit to be exported and shared within other software packages, and vice versa. This would involve investigation into targeted software packages to determine what import formats are supported (e.g., CSV, XML, JSON), and then building an exporting routine within the Toolkit to allow for appropriately formatted export data. This research will also inform the development of specific functionality within the Toolkit to import data from other relevant tools and platforms, using common method(s) and formats for data export and transfer. Development of functionality for uploading and managing standalone documents (e.g., PDFs) for individual Toolkit users, for company clients and potentially for Tavares to provide to all Toolkit users; More systematic testing for browser compatibility, especially with Internet Explorer and some older versions of other browsers (to be identified).

Tavares Group Consulting is a corporate social responsibility firm specializing in environmental and health & safety (EHS) management systems, training and communications. Projects have focused on the process approach supporting sustainability implementation in a number of sectors – agriculture, automotive, construction, education, electronics, power generation, furniture, food and beverage, municipalities, retail, etc. – and have included: Management systems integration and optimization Training development and delivery (EHS, emergency response, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability, environmental legislation, etc.) EHS / CSR / Sustainability reporting Development of Greenhouse (GHG) quantification / inventoriesISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, GHG, Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS), Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and EHS compliance auditing. Tavares Group Consulting has also participated in the development of the ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility and the 2004 version and current revision of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard.

The Reactr initiative is possible thanks to the continuing support of the School of Contemporary Media and the Interactive Media teaching team, and the efforts of the staff and administration of the Applied Research Department at Fanshawe College.

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Fanshawe College is one of the largest colleges in Ontario with a community focus and campuses located in London, Simcoe, St. Thomas and Woodstock and a smaller centre in Tillsonburg.

Reactr is an applied research initiative within the Interactive Media programs at Fanshawe, and like those programs is located in the new Centre for Digital and Performing Arts on 137 Dundas Street in downtown London.