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The development of this project began when the client approached the Fanshawe Reactr Team to get assistance with developing a web presence for his company TruckLadders, a London-area small business.


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    Mathew Walcher

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    Interactive Media Specialist


  • Jessica  Peasant-Simpson

    Jessica Peasant-Simpson

    Designer and front-end Developer

    Interactive Media Design


"Working with REACTR opened new doors that I never thought I would open. Not only did I meet a ton of very talented individuals, but I got to work with a few of them and it has helped me learn and grow tremendously as an individual. It's was an honour to have been chosen to work withREACTR last semester and it shall be an experience I will remember forever."

Jessica Pesant-Simpson

The project tasks included: designing the brand, developing a responsive website, designing UX/UI features, building a secure area for business-to-business interactions, implementing an interactive product catalog, and building a content management system to allow for client-based content development over time. TruckLadders was built using modern frameworks and advanced web technologies. The Foundation framework was used to help make TruckLadders responsive on all devices. With the power of PHP and Codeigniter, TruckLadders could dynamically store and call the information the customer is looking for as well as created a secure area for business-to-business. TruckLadders had a few key features that would help the client improve business interactions with his customers: Depending on the users' current location they would be able to find Dealers in their area. The Dealers displayed on the map were approved by TruckLadders. The team also built a dealer dashboard; made for dealers that are interested in reselling TruckLadders' products so they could make an account that, once approved, allowed them to order ladders in bulk, keep track of their order history as well as be included in the Find a Dealer map. The Content Management System (CMS) allowed the client to manage the information on the website. The client was be able to add and update products, approve dealers and testimonials as well as update the content and images on the website. The CMS had been designed and developed to be easy to use for the client who does not have a strong knowledge in website development, or internet applications.

The client started his business selling truck ladders because of an accident he had that could have been prevented if he had access to the proper safety equipment. His accident inspired him to design this product to improve work safety for labourers who work with trucks and other large equipment. The trucking industry experiences some of the highest work-related injury rates. Falls, slips, and trips populate the second largest percentage of the accidents and could be easily prevented if the employees were given the proper safety equipment. As the trucking industry begins to adopt the TruckLadders product, it is expected that these accidents will become less frequent. The product is unique because of the universal attachment designed, that clamps the top of the ladder securely and keeps the ladder at an angle of no more than 25 degrees. The goal of the project was to develop a website that will help the company create online awareness for their product as well as help the client increase their business opportunities.

The Reactr initiative is possible thanks to the continuing support of the School of Contemporary Media and the Interactive Media teaching team, and the efforts of the staff and administration of the Applied Research Department at Fanshawe College.

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